Easy Eye Exercises to Improve Vision Naturally – The Near to Far Shifting Technique
Easy Eye Exercises to Improve Vision Naturally – The Near to Far Shifting Technique

We long for the benefits that are associated with achieving better vision without glasses. The prospect of achieving this goal with regard to either reducing or eliminating our dependency on glasses leads to a sense of freedom and greater visual independence. Contrary to popular belief this goal is attainable. The diligent practice of easy to perform natural vision improvement techniques, better known as eye exercises, can help us to achieve that goal of sharper, clearer, natural eyesight.

The heart has muscles that it relies on in order to function properly and so do the eyes which also consist of muscles. These muscles can be kept in shape and the performance of the visual system can be improved with the regular practice of simple eye exercises.

Eye surgeon Dr. Keki Mehta discusses the beneficial value of eye exercises in improving eyesight. He explains: “Exercises improve the mechanical stability of the eye by coordinating and strengthening the eye muscles. They increase the ability of the eyes to focus and optically, they improve the optical image coordination between the eyes.” In layman’s terms, eye exercises improve the focusing power of the eyes. Additionally, they improve eyesight by strengthening the eye muscles and improving the teamwork of both eyes( the ability of the eyes to work together as a team), to produce a clear image.

One example of such an eye exercise technique is called The Near to Far shifting eye exercise. Therefore, here is an example of how to perform this technique along with some of the benefits it provides for eye health: The objective of this exercise is to improve the focusing power of the eyes. This enhances their ability to shift from near to distant objects.

You can perform this technique by holding a card in hand about 6 inches from your nose. Focus on a small letter or item on that card. Choose an object in the distance that is about 10 to 15 feet away from you. Then proceed to shift your focus from the small item on the card, a letter or number, to an object in the distance such as a door or a picture on the wall. Keep shifting and alternating your focus from your card to the distant object. Also, when you look at the card inhale and when you shift your focus to the distant object exhale. Practice this technique for a period of about 10 minutes every other day. You can make this technique less tedious and more fun by listening to your favorite music as you perform this exercise.

You can finish this eye exercise with a technique called palming. Rub both hands together and gently cup them over your closed eyes and feel the warmth generated from this activity. Do this for a period of 30 seconds.

The Near to Far shifting exercise is a helpful eyesight improvement technique. If practiced regularly this exercise increases the focusing power of the eyes thereby improving eyesight naturally. With a little bit of persistence and dedication, eye exercises in general, can reduce your dependency on glasses and even in some cases, completely eliminate them. The Near to Far Shifting technique is just one example of a variety of easy vision improvement techniques that can ultimately, enable you to enjoy the freedom that comes with visual independence.

Source by Joel Travers King


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