Nature, Nurture, Or Choice? The True Cause of Behavior – Mental Health
Nature, Nurture, Or Choice? The True Cause of Behavior – Mental Health

Medical professionals and researchers, for self-serving reasons of their own, confine their thinking and investigations to asking questions such as,

"Is our behavior caused by Nature or Nurture?"

There are serious problems associated with this kind of narrow thinking.

Firstly, the assumption that behavior is caused by either biology or the environment is entirely false. The essential cause of how a person behaves is to be found in the nature of his or her choices, not in the physical body or physical environment.

The huge amounts of money, time, talent, and energy invested to determine whether the cause of behavior is biological or environmental are bound to yield nothing but false speculations. They are costly and misdirected shams.

The effort is similar to a person attempting to find the essential cause of a beautiful symphony by looking everywhere but at the symphony's composer. The search is directed to investigating the sheet music, members of the orchestra and audience, musical instruments, and the seating and physical structure of the music hall.

Medical researchers are confining their investigations to genes and DNA, brain chemicals and brain tissue, patient's relatives, virus', vitamin deficiencies, and the like. Behavior is actually caused by psychology-by the nature of a person's choices-not by biology.

Medical professionals doggedly insist the cause is biological because that idea enables the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture psychiatric drugs and the doctors who write drug prescriptions to get rich. Money and greed underlie the "biological push," not true concern for patients or their well-being.

They must know that the ideas they are marketing are false.

If genes caused behavior, then every pair of identical twins (who have identical genes and chromosomes) should behave the same. Yet, identical twins never behave the same.

If the environment caused behavior, then in a typical family with three children who experience the same two parents growing up, live in the same neighborhoods, go to the same schools, and attend the same church, synagogue, or mosque, should behave the same . Yet, as any parent knows, children in the same family never behave the same.

During the past 40 years, as evidence accumulated that neither biology or a person's environment caused behavior, scientists and medical professionals came out with a new theory that combined the two ideas. It goes something like "Behavior is caused by a complex combination of biological and environmental factors."

Two wrongs have never made a right. The public is being sold a bill of goods for dubious medical reasons. Most people buy it for selfish and irresponsible reasons of their own.

The true cause of behavior is and always has been choice. When a person makes right choices, his or her behavior is positive and nurturing. When a person is making wrong (selfish) choices, his or her behavior is negative and destructive. Since we all have innate free choice and the ability to be aware of what is truly right, positive (loving) change is always possible – anytime we are sincerely willing to change.

Source by Neil Mastellone


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